it's friday

I am super glad it’s Friday. Although we have nothing planned, well, 
let me rephrase that, I have nothing planned. I am excited to have a weekend 
to catch up on household chores, photo editing, and swinging in our hammock. 
Bear has lots of research/hanging out to do. He is one busy guy these days. 
And it happens to be that the weekends are his busiest days, which puts 
a real damper on enjoying each other on my days off. I know that if his days are 
filled up he is making progress. And progress is exactly what we want. 
So although I feel like most of the time my husband is off doing something 
without me, it makes me happy to know that he is making headway and we 
are one step closer to being finished with this grad school journey.

Have a great weekend everyone! 


CarleeJ said...

Friday is so wonderful! I love the photo. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday :)