4 years

We celebrated our four year anniversary in Park City, Utah. We were up visiting all of my family for a long weekend. However, Thursday afternoon/evening we snuck away for a little 'us' time.  We first ventured out on a long walk down to the lake, Shento's all time favorite swimming area. 

After our walk we headed to dinner. We decided that we wanted to keep up our anniversary tradition, which has been grabbing a pie at our favorite New Jersey pizza shop. But since we are in Utah, the closest thing we could find was Maxwells. However, they are an east coast pizza shop and the owner happens to be from New Jersey. It was perfect. 

We sat outside and listened to the live band perform. We ate our jersey pizza and talked a lot about how the love that we have for one another has grown tremendously over the four years. And all of the exciting things that we are looking forward to in this coming year... and for the rest of our lives. 


Gaby said...

happy anniversary to you!

Michelle said...

What a darling couple you are!!!
Celebrate each day as it is the day you fell in love!!!
Love, Mom