It’s my birthday week. I was planning on doing something exciting everyday.  But besides conquering my humongous fear of getting my blood drawn, you can call that exciting, right? I have done nothing… I have actually been feeling a little down in the dumps.  This is not how I envisioned this week going. So I am going to postpone my week full of fun until next week. I will ring in the first week of my 26th year in style. 

For the past little while I have been reflecting about my life. Things that I hope for, things that I want to change, and a list of things I want to do in my upcoming year.  My 25th year was always one that I looked forward to. I thought it was going to be the year that all my amazing plans, that I wrote down on a piece of lined school paper when I was 16, were going to happen. But guess what, they didn’t… and my  25th year has not been tremendously exciting. In all honestly, it has drained me of my energy and creativity. Something needs to change. But most of the time I can’t pin point what changes need to be made.

Recently I have been listening to Oprah’s life lessons while I work. It’s an incredibly humbling and rewarding talk show.  One thing she said that stuck out to me is if you don’t know where to start, in whatever you are doing, begin with the simple question, who am I?
Don’t think about it, just write the first things that come to your mind. So today, that is where I’m starting.

Here. i. go.

I am a woman, a lover, a friend, a photographer. I love the color kelly green and fresh flowers on my dinner table. I am a wife to a student who is always busy. And I often forget that he is busy creating our life, a life that will soon bring stability (hopefully).  I love to be daring and trying new things is exciting to me. One of my favorite things in the entire world is sitting and talking with my best friends. It always makes me feel better, and some of my best memories have been created that way. I love ice cream, cup cakes, and Swedish fish. I am creative, and I know what I’m talking about when it comes to marketing. One of my happy places is the ocean. Listening to the waves crash against the rocks and the smell of salt air… to me that is happiness. I love Washington, D.C and learning about all the history. I secretively love politics. I am a hopeless romantic. I am sensitive. At times I wish I would of gone into a career that involved counseling/people.  I am over the moon exciting to be a Mom and share that adventure with Bear. Coming home to a puppy that is super excited to see me makes my heart tremendously happy.  I am a lover of nature.  I am strong but not fearless.  I am scared of tragedy and the unknown. I get obsessive over certain TV shows. I am blessed. I am me, a person that is constantly learning, changing, and growing. So for now, this is who I am.  

Digging deep into your soul and finding out who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to be living your life can open up a whole new perspective to your life. Except it, learn from it, and change what is necessary.

This experiment has made me realize small things that I could easily change to make my life happier. To make me feel more content in the life that I am living. This was the first step to my changing process. 


Gaby said...

Beautiful post that totally resonates with me. I'm 25 now, and my 24th year was a complete bust so I'm still hoping for miracles, 6 months to go!

Talia Jensen said...

i just found your blog from gentri and LOVE it! i am here to stay :)