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i have been editing pictures like a crazy lady tonight, and i am still not caught up. how does that happen? as of late, i always feel one step behind in everything I need to do.  my todo list is forever growing, and most of the time it grows a lot faster than i can cross things off. i have been feeling over whelmed for a while now, and have never seemed to be able to get a handle on it. which has affected how i enjoy my home life and being a wife. i will be the first to admit that my wife skills have quickly disappeared. between working and trying to run a photography business, i don't get a lot of time for anything else. that's why we have gone a couple weeks with out groceries, the laundry is over flowing from the laundry basket, and Bear, being the super husband that he is, has tried to pick up slack wherever he found necessary.

the guilt of "life is just passing me by" starting to really sink in. life is passing me by, and instead of enjoying it i have been sucked into the feeling of never accomplishing anything and taking things for granted. i am so blessed that i get to wake up every morning snuggling tightly with the one i love, and that i get to come home and go for beautiful walks in a gorgeous area. these are all little things that i need to be grateful for but i wasn't.

however, this past week changed my way of thinking.  my to do list was suddenly put on hold when our car broke down and we had to quickly search and buy a new car (which is exhausting).

buying a car was stressful and overwhelming. but... it was also a wonderful bonding experience for Bear and i. we used all the extra time that we had while test driving the cars to enjoy each other. we learned that we work as a team and both bring to the table valid questions and concerns. it was fun discussing, analyzing, and listening to each other bring up all of our options. i felt like an adult, and although now having a car payment is scary.. the experience of going through something stressful and financially bearing is difficult on anyone. but being able to lean on your loved one for support and guidance is one of the best feelings.
As for our old car, one mechanic told us it was a goner, the other said it was in perfect condition. who do you believe?

P.S I took this picture last week of these two love birds. for me, this picture sums up that idea of learning to lean on each other for support. going through difficult times becomes a whole lot easier when you go through it with the one you love. 

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Leila said...

I similarly feel like life is passing me by, and I'm always so frantic! I need to find ways to calm down and appreciate the littler things. If I find a way to relax a bit, and to feel more on top of things, I'll let you know!

And that photo is lovely!