lets buy a hammock and lay in it

this weekend was spent outside, soaking up every moment of the sunshine. 
summer is by far my favorite time of the year. 
who doesn't love summer? 
warm weather, fresh flowers, picnics... the list could go on and on.
i live for the warmth and being able to enjoy the outdoors. 
in the summer i pretty much live outside! and it's spectacular. 
but we had one problem. 
our house had no patio or place to sit outside. 
so this weekend, we created one.
 we cleared out a corner of our back yard, 
mulched it, planted flowers, started our garden, 
and the best part... hung a hammock. 
The corner transformed from a pile of leaves, sticks, and multiple disintegrating items
to this area that we are now able to enjoy and relax in. 
I spent most of sunday reading my magazine, sipping on lemonade, 
and swinging in the hammock. 
it was g.l.o.r.i.o.u.s !

p.s we also stopped by my favorite bakery to pick up some doughnuts. 

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