It's her birthday

Hey Mom, it's your birthday and you're probably relaxing by the pool. This year is the big year... but you look fabulous! don't you feel fabulous (you have to learn to love your age). Remember with age comes wisdom. And that wisdom can be passed down to me. Thank you for always being there for me and for loving me no matter what. It has been such a special last couple months being able to live so close to you. I love our lunch dates and the over night weekend activities. It's just great being able to be around you. Have an awesome day and be fabulous!! I love you and we will celebrate when you get home.

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michelle said...

A precious thanks to my beautiful daughter for making my big day so very special. The most wonderful floral bouquet was sitting at our special table at Spencer's where we had dinner. The flowers had a sweet saying and were from my sweet daughter!!! I am so thankful for your love and joy!!