today has been slightly over-cast. it looks like the mountains are getting snow. i hope the snowflakes make their way to our house. i am ready for a little snow. it makes everything white and glisten with freshness. I could use some freshness in my life. 

Yesterday was the most upsetting and frustrating day i've had in a while. everything seemed to be going wrong. I paced around the house anxious and grumpy. and please, don't get me started on the electric company turning off our electric. Somehow they mixed our account with another house who just happened to be 5 months past due. Needless to say, we did not have power for most of the day. 
I was so thankful to be able to go over to our sweet neighbors house for a delicious taco dinner and wonderful conversation. At least for the four hours that we were there, I forgot about my miserable day. 

this morning when I awoke to my husband kissing my forehead i knew it was going to be a new day. A fresh start. everything that has happened in the past couple months needs to be pushed out of our memory (at least for now). today was the first day of a new outlook on our life. Bear was in a great mood and that ultimately rubbed off on on me very quickly. I took advantage of shento wanting to snuggle before our day begin and enjoyed laying in bed listening to the robins chirp outside the window.  i felt good. ready for the day. I stayed in my pajamas for most of it. and that was lovely. bear and i took a walk to the local gas station to get a soda. we played with the pup at the park. and i jammed out to  'everythings'll be all right' by joshua radian. 

when all is said and done, today was great. and I am so thankful for my morning kisses from my husband bear, snuggles with shento, the soothing sound of birds happily enjoying the morning sun, neighbors who happen to invite you over when you need it most, music that warms your heart, and for my life and everything that I have been blessed to have. 

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