a couple things to make me smile

Hello, hello,
This past week has been a rush of different emotions. Starting to pack up our home, the home that we created together when we were first married, has been harder than we thought it was going to be.

As people come in and out of our house each taking (buying) a piece of our furniture, our home is starting to look bare. Almost is if it is not ours anymore.

We are excited for our new house that we will create into our home, and we truly can't wait for more adventures in a new place. But for now, the empty house is getting us down.

So every time I feel sad, I think of something that makes me happy, and I SMILE! Here is my list as of right now...

1. hanging out this weekend on a boat with Ryan
2. getting feet tickles from Bear
3. planning our road trip...
4. taking/editing pictures
5. going to my favorite thrift store to see if i can find any good clothes
6. starting fresh (this move is really good for us).
7. being able to go camping in some of the most beautiful places ever
8. making new friends
9. thrift store & garage sale shopping in utah for new furniture and fun home decor
10. being able to see our family whenever we want
11. watercoloring
12. exploring Salt Lake City, Utah
13. making a red bow tie for Bear to wear on 4th of July.
14. finding a fun small town (because we will be driving to Utah) to celebrate the 4th of July
15. BBQ's
16. Bear... he always makes me smile

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michelle said...

Keep your face to the sun!! Sweet memories have been made and you two will continue to make wonderful memories where ever you may be!! May your smile list grow as you cherish your life together!! We look forward to spending time together!
love you,
Mom xoxo