Hopewell, nj

here are some photos from our day yesterday. we have been wanting to go explore this area more and learn about the history. Since we are moving, we feel like we need to go take it all in, and i am so glad that we did.
first, we ventured to rockingham historic site. George Washington called this place home for 4 months during the revolutionary war. the house is filled with furniture and belongings (replicas) from that time period. it was really interesting to see how they lived during that time. 

Later, we made our to Hopewell, a small quant town with a lot of history. we grabbed sandwiches and the best coleslaw around at the local grill.  we then toured the museum, learned all about the town (John Hart lived here), and walked through the cemetery.
it was a beautiful day, and Hopewell was a great town to visit. 

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