He's from Florida. I'm from California. But one snowy evening, in the Utah neighborhood our parents moved to a few years back, we met each other. In the light of a lone street lamp, exactly halfway between our parents' houses, we quickly grew from strangers, to neighbors, then to best-friends. 

Four years after our first meeting, on a warm summer night, we again found ourselves under the light of a moonlit sky - in a hammock, tightly wrapped in blankets, cuddled up watching the stars. That night we fell in love. Since then we've lived in Florida, adopted our adoring puppy Shento, moved back to Utah, got engaged, Bear moved for awhile to study in China, and finally… we got married in June 2008. 

And this is where the blog begins. We moved to New Jersey right after our honeymoon. Bear is getting his Ph.D. in Anthropology at Rutgers University. I am a grad student’s wife and a lifestyle photographer… 

We love sharing a little piece of our life with all of you through this blog. 

We hope you enjoy. 

You can check out my photography site at katrinaBphoto.blogspot.com  or visit my facebook page. 

You can email me at katrinanbrooks@hotmail.com.


whitney mack said...

love it! i need your help!

char's said...

hey dear! email me: shoperecxic@hotmail.com

i have a favor to ask, hopefully i will get a reply soon!

kristyn said...

love your blog--and your love story!


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