D.C, you won my heart

A couple weeks ago I headed to Virginia/Washington D.C to spend a long weekend with my dear friend Janice. It was a lovely little getaway, plus we played tourist and did lots of fun things.  

The adorable streets in Alexandria. Picture from here

First up was an evening in Alexandria, VA. No pictures documented this evening, which I am pretty bummed about. When I go there next I will be documenting it much better because it has cobblestone streets, beautiful brightly painted homes, and it’s on the water.  The night consisted of a cold artichoke at a fancy restaurant, which led to us leaving the fancy restaurant to go to the local Irish pub for some delicious fish and chips and Irish singing.

The next day’s weather was a sneak peak into spring, so we took full advantage and went walking around Great Falls. Which is a big park along the Potomac River that is covered in jagged rocks, multiple waterfalls, and beautiful gorges. We spent most of the day outside and even got a little sunburn (which we were excited about).  In the evening we drove a good half an hour to get to the restaurant of our choice, Cock and Bowl over in Oquancon, VA. It is a small Belgian restaurant that is known for their huge bowls of mussels and Belgian style waffles. It was decorated with random posters and old signs. It was very cozy and welcoming feeling and I loved how the owners brought around rub on tattoos. 
 And yes, we did indeed share a massive bowl of mussels and a huge Belgian waffle topped with fruit and whip cream, and it was so scrumptious.

The following day we hit up the 
Eastern Market,
 a cute coffee shop, 
the library of congress, 
U street, 
and a couple antique stores. 

The Library of Congress is an amazing building and inside is breathtaking.  

An antique store that was filled to the max with lots and lots of stuff. 

Lastly, we headed to Arlington Cemetery, the FDR and Jefferson monuments, and walked around Tidal Basin.
It is amazing how much history surrounds this area and how beautiful it all is.

Arlington Cemetery

The eternal flame next to John and Jackie Kennedy's graves. 

The Tomb of the Unknown Solider. 

FDR Memorial

Jefferson Memorial 

Tidal Basin

Thanks to Janice for taking all of the pictures and for making my trip so exciting. I can't wait to go back.

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