maple syrup... plus a walk around washington crossing park

On Saturday we went to the Howell Living History Farm and learned all about how maple syrup is made. Did you know that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallons of syrup? I even got to taste the sap right from the tap on the tree... tastes like sugar water.  We wondered all around visiting the sheep, cows, and horses. We watched children grind corn to make corn meal and try to saw off the end of a tree. We ate lunch at the main farmhouse which included hot dogs and yummy... but definitely sweet, vanilla cupcakes with maple syrup frosting. 

After the farm we went to Washington Crossing Park.  This is the area where Washington crossed the Delaware river and marched to Trenton for a surprise attack during the Revolutionary War. Along the path there are gravestones of unknown soldiers,  a house that was turned into a makeshift hospital during the war time, and picturesque sites of the Delaware river. 

The tombs of unknown soldiers

Other happenings of our weekend include a wonderful dinner date with some amazing friends at our favorite greek restaurant,  eating ice cream while catching up on 30 rock, cuddling on the couch, watching the rain make massive puddles in our back yard, watching paper hearts (so cute.. i recommend it), and laughing uncontrollably with the hubby... Our weekend was great! 

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