Geo Art Date

Bear and I made a pact with each other for this (hopefully final) semester. The pact is that each weekend we do or see something that we have never done/seen while in New Jersey. 

This past weekend we went to the Geology museum on Rutgers campus. It was small and slightly under construction, but we had fun.  Lots of pretty rocks and minerals and some cool dinosaur bones. The Art museum happens to be right next door so we decided to stroll around there for awhile. In the kids section they had a mini table, probably because it is for children under the age of 10- on the table were colored pencils. The instructions said to draw a picture representing one of the pieces of art that you had seen in the museum. Bear and I plopped right on down in the mini chairs to draw us a pictures. Bear’s was good. 
We thought about asking if they would display it. 
After the art museum we headed out to lunch at our favorite Chinese noodle place. 
Later, we walked to the newly build bookstore and enjoyed the views of downtown. 

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