A Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

This year I am thankful for many things, a supportive husband, a wonderful doggy, good health, a house that has started to become a home, and great friends (just to name a few).  Friends have become a second family to us now that we live so far away from our own family.  This Thanksgiving I was extremely thankful to be spending the holiday with the Lindsay, Casey and the cutest one of all, Jack. We had a such a wonderful time eating yummy food, enjoying Thanksgiving and the first snow fall of the season, going on a beautiful walk, reading bedtime stories to Jack, and going downtown to a German Christmas Village. It was relaxing, enjoyable, and very special to be around such amazing friends. 

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Lindsay said...

I love the pictures! We had so much fun having you, Bear, and Shento for Thanksgiving. You are welcome to come visit anytime. We love you guys!