NieNie Dialogue

Do you read the nienie dialogues? I do, and I love them. Nienie (stephanie) is such an inspirational woman. To be honest, she helped me realize that New Jersey was not so bad or at least helped me get a better attitude about living here. I know that sounds crazy, but if you are an avid follower like myself, you will know that a while back her family resided in the same town as we are living. She talks a lot about her trials living here. She talks about Costco outings and how people are just plain rude, or how she watched her neighbors cement duck change outfits for seasons. That is true New Jersey style, the cement duck with changeable outfits that is. I love that she is honest. She holds nothing back in her blog and that is inspiring. Anyways, if you don't read her blog.. do it.. She is holding an awesome giveaway for a tamera lens (calling all photographers or anyone who want to take better pictures)! Go here nienie-reviews.blogspot.com to enter. Good Luck! 

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