Crazy Life

The blog has been the least thing on my mind lately, and I apologize to anyone who actually reads this. Our lives turned into a little bit of a whirlwind this past month. It started out with a blown tire, then the car battery. Followed by me getting rear-ended. Luckily my car and myself were okay. Minus a little dent and multiple scratches on the bumper. On the other hand, the seventeen-year-old girl’s car was not okay. We called the cops. The cop was a jerk; my registration was 3 days late (in the mail might I add). The cop towed my car because of my non-registered vehicle. Failed to mention where I could find my car on a later date. Fortunately, the Italian east coast tow truck mechanic (who towed my car) was nice enough to drive me to his shop so that I did not have to stand outside in the poring rain. He even offered me coffee, gave me the name and number of whom I can contact about my vehicle, and called a taxi so that I could get home.  This story could go on and on… However, I will end it with this..  I had a slight break down (a little dramatic) in the taxi car on the way home, Bear and I ran all over town the following day in our neighbor’s car to try to get everything taken care of, and I now have to I appear in court after the holidays. Whew! 

We have also been running here and there trying to follow through with all of our commitments. Bear has been busy finishing up the semester, which means late nights for him. I was (thankfully it is over) trying to finish putting together presentations for my middle school kids, which meant gluing and cutting lots of photo mate board and making cute decorations. In all reality, it just meant that our house was covered in school and craft supplies. Bear reads and I edit photos. I had one bad photography shoot, caused a couple of tears but I am happy to report that as of today I feel like things are on the up and up. Not that all of these bumps were bad. Yes, some of them made me shed a few tears but through all of this, it was wonderful to see that most people are so willing to help in a time of need (minus the cop). 

I had a redo photography shoot this morning, that I am extremely proud of. I was able to spend the rest of the day wondering from shop to shop checking things of my Christmas shopping list, our bags are half way packed for our Utah trip, our Christmas cards should be arriving tomorrow, and I am finally getting sometime to update our blog.  Yahoo…

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