Multiple Christmas Trees


As I was growing up there was always this house in our neighborhood that would have multiple Christmas trees, one in every room of their house to be exact. As my Mom and I would drive by, I would always ask her if she could slow down so that I could get a better look at all the different trees. At one point I even wanted my Mom to go knock on the door to see if they would let us in their house so that I could take a better look at all the different christmas trees. Looking at the trees was like looking into a fairy-tale. My imagination would set wild with each theme of the trees (yes, each tree had a different theme).  I was ten years old and I remember wishing and hoping that one day I would have a Christmas tree in every room of my house.

As I have become older, I have realized that this goal of multiple Christmas trees is a little bit excessive. However, I still love the idea and I think that our house will be graced with two Christmas trees one day.

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