It's late.. like really late.. and I can't sleep. I am sitting on the couch drinking warm milk and eating graham crackers. I keep watching the clock thinking that I must make myself fall asleep but it isn't working. So now I am blogging and shopping on etsy (while still sitting on the couch drinking milk and eating graham crackers). I have to wake up early tomorrow. It is my first photography booth exhibit. I got asked to set up a booth at the local animal october adoption festival. Yeah, for doggies and puppies. Speaking of doggies, Shento and I have really been bonding over the past couple of weeks while I have been at home. Last Thursday I had to run to Costco and I decided on bringing Shento along, I thought that we could go for a walk on our way home. Anyways, I got to Costco before they even opened. Amazing, I know. Petsmart happen to be right next door and they were open so Shento and I went and wondered around for a while. Shento picked out a bone (yes, he actually picked it up from the shelf himself) that he liked and he met some new friends. It was a lovely time.  Thank you petsmart for keeping both me and my doggie entertained for a while.

No this is not my puppy. However, I think that I might be purchasing this little hat for my puppy. Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen. I wonder if Shento would be okay with this? It would keep him warm in the bitter east coast winters. 

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