Bringing the East Coast to Park City

Bear and I have one downfall and that is east coast pizza. Yes, we order it once a week, usually. And it is oh so yummy. My mouth is watering right now as I am thinking about the thin crust and delicious cheese.  So, when my Mom had told me that they had gone and got pizza at this new east coast eatery called Maxwell's in Park City, I new that we had to go try it when we went out to Utah. 

Saturday we headed to Maxwell's. The place is very east coastly (if that's a word). They have decor and memorabilia from New York and New Jersey hanging up on the walls. As you can see we had to get a picture of us standing in front of the garden state license plate.   

We ordered pizza and hot wings. East Coast staple food!  And I think the east coast has met their match. We don't need to mention that the owners are from the east :) 
They even had a cute outdoor dining area.

They even have cornhole! And yes, the girls won! We had a great time eating, chatting, and playing games. 

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