dreaming of the california sunshine

As the snow keeps pilling up and the temperatures dropping,  I find myself thinking more and more about the beautiful California coast. It's my home. My happy place.
Bear and I took a trip to California for the holidays. As i've mentioned before, it was one of the best times I have had. Everyday I miss the ocean. The smell of the salty water, the sounds of waves crashing, the cold sand, and the peacefulness that it brings.

Over the holidays, Bear and I spent as much time as possible at the Beach. And although the weather was chilly and overcast most days, it was still wonderful.

We walked along the beach looking for anything that caught our attention. Seashells, sticks, sea anemones, and glass. 

Shento loves the beach. He finds it very entertaining to run as fast as possible kicking sand up all around him. He is also very curious about the waves. He'll walk up when the wave is out and sniff around, but as soon as the wave comes back to shore he immediately runs backwards.

All these pictures are taken in Venture, Ca. A place that will forever have a piece of my heart.