our weekend

as you probably guessed, our weekend was spent up in Park City hanging out with my parents and their new puppy. the cool fresh air was so wonderful, waking up in the morning and having to wear a sweater or cuddle up with a blanket was a nice break. the 100'+  temps we have been having in Provo are getting a little old.  

on saturday we took the dogs to the lake. shento enjoyed swimming after sticks and a toy duck.  the puppy (Sadie) enjoyed chasing after shento once he got far enough away from the water. sadie was very hesitant of the lake and wouldn't go near it by herself.  but she sure loved chasing shento all around, and she quickly learned that biting his legs would get his attention.

it was such a nice weekend.
i hope this week goes by quick so we can have another great weekend.

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Talia Jensen said...

i love your headband! and how fun to have a puppy to play with but not have to take care of ;)