it's a family affair

when i was growing up my family always had a dog. a sweet, lovable, black energetic dog, named coal. he was more like a sibling to me than a family pet.  that poor dog was patient while i dressed him in baby bonnets, pushed him around in a stroller, or tried to make him wear shoes.

after he passed away the thought of a new dog was despicable. my parents didn't want to have to go through that again, nor did they think any dog would be as well behaved, lovable, and special like coal.

fast forward a couple years to when bear and i got shento.  after getting over some pillow tearing up and carpet chewing mayhem, they feel in love with our puppy. and the thought of getting a dog of their own became a little more real. 

When bear and i went to colorado a couple weekends ago, we decided to leave shento at my parents house. now that he doesn't chew up pillows and dig their carpet up, he made them realize that owning a dog brings so much peace, joy, and love into a home. the next week i got a call from my mom saying she was going to look at a puppy. but she repeatedly told me she was 'just looking'. i found that funny because on her way to see the puppy she stopped to buy a blanket. i received a phone call from her asking me what type of blanket would make this new puppy that she is 'just looking at' most comfortable?  i went with her to see pick up the puppy. this little black pup with long curly ears comes running up. she was calm. we picked her up and rocked her like a baby. her puppy eyes watched every move we made. and at that moment, my mom fell in love with a new puppy... with her new puppy.

this weekend bear and i went to my parents house to hang out with this bundle of curly hair. she is more spastic than calm now that she has gotten comfortable in her new home.  but when she falls asleep in your arms she is the sweetest little thing around. this little puppy named Sadie has already brought so much love into my parents home. 

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Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

That is the cutest puppy! These photos are also beautiful and so well done. Love this post.
Almost Endearing