our drive to Colorado through the lens of my iPhone

last week we took a small road trip to the beautiful state of colorado. 
the 6 hour car ride was fun. i was lucky enough to get to listen to 
bear sing me his favorite tunes for most of the trip.
after every song he would ask, do you think i'm a good singer? 
and i would respond, of course i do!  
the weather was beautiful. we watched a storm roll in and the 
clouds it created were spectacular. 
after it rained, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the distance. 
on our home trip, we stopped at a rest stop. 
bear decided that we should climb to the top of the nearest mountain/outlook. 
once we made it to the top of the mountain, it started pouring...we got soaked!
our car trip was great but our vacation was even better. more on that later! 

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ginanorma said...

i have not yet been to CO, only for layovers, but I so hope too!!

We are leaving for Kansas City MO in a couple of days, I'm excited to see all the farms!