weekend events

Over the weekend, we squeezed in a little time for some flea market shopping. After a very stressful few days the fun we had was much needed. My parent's decided to come hang out with us on Saturday and go to fleaology. Of course, fleaology was great, the vendors out did themselves. I walked away with a great yellow and orange carpet bag, a 1960's picture to hang in our kitchen, and a green bowl.  

After fleaology, we hit up the local breakfast spot, One Man Band. I remember frequently visiting this spot when I was younger. There's a phone at each booth that you use to call the cook when you're ready to order. When you're young, this is one of the coolest inventions ever... Bear had never been to the One Man Band and couldn't get over the fact that you had to actually pick up the phone, ring the chief, and order your breakfast.  Hence, the reason it's called "ONE" man band, it literally is one man behind the counter answering phones and cooking up a breakfast storm. Because of it being only one guy working, the service is a little slow but the food was great and the atmosphere is fun.

Thank you to Mom and Dad for coming down and having fun with us. And I want to thank them for being so patient and extremely helpful in this time of need. This coming week we have a big decision to make, but hopefully the stress of everything will slowly taper off. 

Happy Monday!!

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thecoffeehouse said...

mountains!! gosh i love them. great photos.