Around Tomball, Texas {around your town guide}

Today's around your town post comes from Bri, the adorable blogger over at The Secret Life of Bee. From what I can tell, Bri is a lover of antiques, photography, and music (my type of girl). She has a lot of fun recommendations for shopping, eating, and browsing around Tomball, Texas. 

Thanks, Bri, for this great around your town guide. 

My husband and I moved down here after we graduated, which was a little over a year ago. He grew up here but the area is totally new to me. We are technically part of Houston, but this particular area is called Tomball. I have been having fun exploring and finding cool places to go.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
I love going down to Main Street and browsing all the antique shops. It doesn't matter how many times I have been in those shops, I can always find something new.

Rainy day activity? 
Rainy days are the best here. I have to hand it to Texas for its thunderstorms. If we aren't watching the downpour from the patio, we are cuddled up watching The Office.

If you could plan a Saturday filled with activities what would they be? 
Husband and I would start the day early with Kolaches. It's a Texas thing that I quickly adopted. Then we would go to any estate sales we might find. After that we'd peruse the many thrift stores and antique shops in the area. For lunch we could have something southern like brisket. Then we'd probably go into a food coma and need to rest up. For the evening we would go downtown for a show of our favorite band.

If you could recommend only one thing to see around your town. What would it be?
If I were hosting any guests, I would most likely be taking them to Main Street in Tomball. I just think it's simple and fun and just enough antique shopping to satisfy.

Around your town guide is a special feature. If you would like to showcase your town, please email me at katrinanbrooks@hotmail.com. 


lesley said...

Looks like a sweet town! I love a good estate sale.

His Little Lady said...

i absolutely adore her! and her little town it too cute for words ;)
xo TJ

Jordan Marie @ hottlt.com said...

i love tomball!! use to live that direction. now i'm in katy.. no good thrifting places around here except GW.