the weekend at the bijou market

I had a busy weekend. I was the 'official' photographer for the Bijou market, sounds official right? I had a blast. It's so much fun meeting lots of wonderful and talented women. It was like an all day party. Socializing, laughing, and eating way too many sweet tooth fairy cake bites. 
More photo's to come.... 

If you live in Utah County you need to check out Square Native
A site for all things happening in Utah County. 

Oh, and one more thing, I am blog of the week over here. 

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a great sunshiny day. 


Kristen said...

I just wanted to say, I love all your fun pictures on your adorable blog!

Just when you thought

Gentri said...

What an amazing oportunity for you! So happy for you! :D

{Just} Sara said...

i love your cute blog! and your style of photography is amazing!

Shauna said...

How fun it must of been to the the

official photographer!

Happy Monday.

Julie Marie said...

nice to meet you. i came over from gentri lee to say hello.. looking forward to browsing through your blog =)

Jules M said...

Love the color of your skirt!! What a cute couple you two are!