we went to the theater

Last weekend Bear and I went to the theater. We called it our "staycaction". You know, where you do fun things and act like you are on a vacation, in all actuality you have never left your town and will go back to your house that evening. 

We wanted to do some thing here in Provo that we had never done. So we decided the theater was a good choice. We went and saw a ballet, The Land of Oz put on by the classical ballet academy based here in Utah. The dancers were beautiful, the choreography was well done,  and it kept Bears attention. Which was the one thing I was worried about. 

Next up was a drive to the Y parking lot. It was a beautiful night, warm and the sky was so clear. Bear and I sat on a rock watching the town below us. It was romantic! We talked a lot. about life, our love for each other, and the many plans that we have. It felt like we were on our first date all over again. We even kissed, sitting on that rock over looking Provo. ahhh. 

After our special evening out, we decided to go home and sleep in our extra bedroom. Break up our routine and pretend we were on vacation, that was the thought. And it worked. It was something different, a little change in the normal sleeping arrangements and... I will let you guess what happened next.  

It was a wonderful evening. I hope that we can have many more like it. 


Leila said...

Sounds like such a fun time! I ought to do that, have a "staycation." (I guess since it's our first year living here, everything is still pretty new, but maybe next year it'll feel like a real staycation. :D) I like the touch of sleeping in the guest room, very clever. :)

thecoffeehouse said...

"wonderful evening" is right! sounds awesome. i layed around with my dog and ate ice cream. hmmm. ok, now i'm jealous.