A while back I found myself in a dark old house that was surrounded by pastures and racehorses. It was poring rain outside. So much that inside the house it sounded like someone was banging on the tin roof with pots and pans. I was sitting in the living room that had been turned not an office. The room was filled with editors and designers; we were reviewing content for our magazine. Flipping through and editing the raw printed out pages that would eventually turn into full spreads in the magazine.  

That moment, the sound of the rain outside, the people talking and debating about magazine content, the dim light that surrounded us, the smell of coffee brewing, all of it has stuck with me. It’s a memory that will forever be imbedded in my mind.

And it’s funny, every time it rains, I remember that moment.  

This morning I woke up and it was dreary and rainy outside.  I remembered that memory, and the time that I spent at this amazing magazine. This was by far the greatest and happiest experience that I have ever had (in my career life). 

Memories like this shape us, they define who we are and the knowledge we carry around with us. 

I am blessed to have had so many great opportunities and experiences in my life. And when things aren’t going the way I want, and I feel down and out about life, it helps to remember these moments. The happy moments. The moments that while it was occurring, I didn’t even realize that it meant something to me.  

Life is made up of these moments. And it’s up to us to take advantage of them. Now go, make today the greatest memory.   

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Shauna said...

Isnt it funny how something so simple can take us back somewhere long ago? Great message, thanks for sharing!