love list

Happy lover's day. Bring on the red and pink. This year feels special. It feels more like a day to remember all the love that I feel, and all the people and things that I love. I LOVE love. and have decided to make a love list…

I LOVE Bear. I love that he is sweet, kind, and gentle. I love that he is patient with me and holds me tight when I need it most. I love that he makes me laugh. I love that together, we are a family. 

I love Shento. I love that he loves to cuddle. I love that he gets so excited when Bear and I get home (he actually misses us). I love that he is adorable. I love that his favorite thing is to chew on a bone when we are watching a movie. I love that he has taught Bear and I so much patients and has made it so we are never actually alone, we always have a third wheel. 

I love my parents, and absolutely love that we are within driving distance from them. I love that they listen and care. They give advice and tell great stories. They have accepted Bear as their own son and I love that. 

I love New Jersey. I love thinking back on all the memories that were created in that state. I love the beautiful nature that surrounds that area. I love all the many friends that we made. I love the attitude. I love the culture and diversity. I love (love/hate relationship) Rutgers.

I love sunshine. I love the warm air on my face. I love the happiness that it brings. I love that it is a great excuse to hang out outside. I love the color and the freshness it brings after a long winter. 

I love walks. I love the freedom you feel. I love watching Shento run around. I love the talks that Bear and I have. I love seeing what surrounds us. I love the beauty that you can find. I love the smell. I love watching my feet move back and forth. I love that walks are something special for our little family. 


Michelle said...

I love that I have such a beatiful daughter and son-in-law. I love that I can hug them, laugh with them, and share life with them!!
What a blessing you TWO are!!(Shento too!! Dog hairs and all!!)
Love, Mom xoxoxo

whitney mack said...

i love you and your lipstick too!

Magical Day Dream said...

I love sunshine too! (who doesn't) So now it can come out.. wherever it is hiding ;)