pumpkin head

I am back and feel refreshed. It was a nice break. I have been working non-stop on marketing and starting up my photography business here in Utah. I was starting to go fuzzy eyed with the amount of time I was spending staring at the computer screen. I had to focus and unfortunately my focus needed to be on photography. But I am recovered and ready to blog.

First off, happy October! I’m loving the crisp air and vibrant colors that are displayed on the mountains. Bear and I have been trying to take full advantage of these fall conditions by enjoying many jeep rides and drinking our reasonable share of hot pumpkin spice beverages. Truthfully, anything pumpkin I have an attachment to. From my little pumpkin sitting outside our door, to the pumpkin bread my Mom and I made the other day, to my pumpkin spice candle that burns almost non-stop because the smell is just so lovely.

Bear and I are attending a Halloween party this year and we have been brainstorming up costume ideas. I think we have come to an agreement. However, Bear is thinking our idea is a little boring, I think the idea is adorable. You see, I love fall but Halloween brings out a fear that I have… Masks! I have a real panic attack when I have to deal with anything that covers someone’s face. Yes, this stems from something that happened as a child but we wont get into that. You see, this is not just a small fear, it makes my heart race and tears build in my eyes. The other day as I entered the market I faced my fear head-on. well, kind of. Upon entering the market I noticed a life-size fake human dressed in all black with a simple white mask. To enter the store you had to walk right past this fake human. I panicked and almost left the store immediately. I looked around to find another way to enter. But to my dismay there was another life-size person on the other side of the store. I stood there. Thinking to myself that this is pretty stupid to act and feel like this. I didn’t know what do I do? I figured I could ditch my cart and grab a basket. This way I could enter in the middle of the store through the check out lane. Yes, brilliant idea! I faced my fear!! Avoidance. It worked, but now you know why I am a little apprehensive about going to a Halloween party, and why my Halloween costume idea is cute and adorable, not scary or abnormal. 


Gentri said...

Haha! I definitely am all about the cute side of Halloween. Not the scary side. These pictures are so so cute!!

whitney mack said...

i need you to teach me how to dress

janice said...

1) you look very autumnal. 2) very sad you won't be here for halloween this year. I missssss youuuuuu.

jen fuller said...

it was soo nice to meet you! now i can officially stalk your blog (but you knew I would)! maybe sometime we can meet up for coffee - you were so fun to talk to!

Samantha said...

Your outfit is so fantastically Fall-y! Love the orange and browns!