out my window

oh my, i love this time of year. the leaves are beautiful, the weather is perfect, and the aroma of pumpkin spice is all around. i feel giddy inside just thinking about it. i intend on enjoying as much of this fall beauty as i possibly can. do you have any wonderful plans for the weekend? i was thinking a hike or drive up in the mountains! i am sure it is beautiful way back there. and tonight i will be cheering on my amazing tennis player hubby in a woody tennis tournament. i am pretty excited to watch everyone play with the old wood tennis rackets. i am going in hopes of making new friends. because we all know, we could use some friends here in Utah! have a wonderful weekend. i will be back in october.. ha ha ha - wednesday to be exact. 

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Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Hey! Heard you are coming to our blogger party :) YAY! I love the mountains too! Where is that? Looks like a ski resort...I skiied at PC and the Canyons a lot! Well, see you Friday!!