weekend report

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
Ours was lovely. 
Shento turned five... where did the time go? 
We celebrated his big day 
by going on a long walk. 
The air has been so crisp and clean, 
it is definitely starting to feel like fall around our neck of the woods
We also stopped by the doggy bakery 
and picked out a peanut butter cupcake. 
We loved on our not so little puppy anymore 
and reminisced about the past 5 years. 
Shento has truly been the best pup 
we could ask for. 

My family has been in town 
and we have been visiting and hanging out. 
It's fun being around all of them and catching up. 
I have some pretty silly Uncles,
they make us all laugh pretty hard.

Since being in Utah, we (okay, so I think I need to leave Bear out of this) have been on the search 
for a good bakery. I am in need of a moist, scrumptious donut. 
I am sorry to report that I have not found one. 
I tried this weekend.. but failed. 
I am going to gain 5lbs just on my quest to find that perfect bakery.
If you know of one in Utah, please share. 

Happy Monday!! 


Jo said...

Banbury Cross! The donuts are so yummy. It's in SLC (not sure where you are) on 7th south and 7th east.

I've been on a hunt for good donuts since I got here a year ago...so far this place is my favorite.

Sarah M. Flinn said...

I second the Banbury Cross. Worth the drive down to the valley even! I haven't been able to find a better donut anywhere in the world (and I've looked!) - also, get the blueberry kind, they are the best of the best!