Almond Blueberry Macaroons

One thing that I have been fiddling around with is vegetarian and raw food recipes. Bear actually picked up an amazing cookbook, The Vegetarian Gourmet’s, which is filled with easy international recipes. We have tried a handful of them and they all have been delicious. I am also intrigued with learning more about raw food recipes. Although I could never go 100% raw, I like my warm foods too much, I would like to include more raw foods in our diet. When I started researching recipes online, I found so many tasty looking snacks and desserts that were all raw. So I am here, sharing one with you.
Bear love almonds but I must admit, I am not a huge fan of them. I will occasionally have a handful just to be healthy! So when I was researching a recipe, I wanted to make something that incorporated almonds but was also a good snack. I came across these macaroons and twisted the recipe just a little bit.  Because these are raw you don’t cook them. However, if you wanted to be a rule breaker, they would be scrumptious baked at 350’ for about 15 minutes, and then (I have not done this but in my mind it sounds wonderful, and I will be doing it next time I make these) drizzle a little bit of honey on top. These make good grab and go snacks or are yummy as a dessert.
Almond Blueberry Macaroons

2 C Dried Coconut (Unsweetened)

1/2 C Almonds, processed into a coarse meal (I used a little more than 1/2c.)

 1/2 C Dried Blueberries, chopped (you can use any type of dried fruit. The original recipe called for dried cherries)

 1/2 C Agave

 1/4 C Coconut Oil (cold pressed virgin)

 1 t. Almond OR Vanilla Extract*

Place almonds in food processor and process until a coarse meal texture is achieved. Add coconut, dried berries, coconut oil agave and extract*. Process until mixture starts to hold together. I use a tablespoon to scoop the mixture out and press into a ball. Place on dehydrator sheets (or wax paper) and dehydrate until desired consistency is achieved. 8 – 10 hours. 

 Makes approximately 2 dozen.

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