a weekend in the woods

I hope everyone enjoyed the long relaxing weekend. We sure did! Last minute, Bear and I decided that we needed to take advantage of the long weekend and beautiful weather. We packed up the car with camping gear and headed up Mirror Lake highway. No destination planned out… we rolled down the windows, let the breeze blow through our hair and sang as loud as we could to the music playing on the stereo. It was wonderful. We found the perfect spot nestled in between trees and right near the Provo River. Bear fished, I read a book, we hiked, and Shento loved splashing around in the water and chasing squirrels. Those poor squirrels had to deal with life and death experiences with Mr. Shento being around.  Our spot was very peaceful, and being in nature away from everyday life was refreshing. 
Both Bear and I think that living in the woods next to a river would be lovely. We even have this great big plan of one day buying a piece of land, with of course a river on it, and building a tiny house. I would love to be surrounded by nature all the time. My only request would be to have a real bed. Sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags is only fun for a couple of nights. I sure do hope that our dream comes true one day!! But for now, I am off to go cuddle with my hubby and watch a little tennis.  Goodnight my lovelies.

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