Happy Friday and Happy Fall

The leaves are really starting to change colors here in Park City. It feels like summer went by too quickly. I think all the moving and stress made us not fully enjoy the summer months. Oh well, I am super excited for fall and have a list of things that I am delighted about. Apple picking, Sunday drives through the mountains to see the colorful leaves, hot chocolate, oversized sweaters, cuddling by the fire, knee high boots, and anything that smells like pumpkin.  My Grandma just bought me a pumpkin spice scented candle and I already have it burning. The smell is wonderful! 

I had an idea, something that i regret not doing in New Jersey, so I decided that I am going to start it here. Every week, I will be taking the same picture at the exact same time. I want to see how quickly and drastically the seasons change. I started today. At 8:30 a.m. I went outside and snapped the pictures below. Do you see the spots of color? 

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