rocks have an inspiration factor

i love to craft. and one of my favorite feelings is when something inspires me and gets my creative juices flowing. yesterday i woke up feeling quite inspired. i new that a trip to the local craft store was in need. to be honest, i was inspired by our camping trip and the collection of the rocks that I acquired while my hubby fished.  the texture, shape, color , and feel all had me fascinated.

i have always been a collector of rocks. every time Bear and i would go down to the Jersey shore i would collect the most sleek looking white rocks and the occasional black rock. i had a collection of the Jersey rocks placed in our living room. for some reason rocks have always caught my attention. and now i am using them as an inspiration to my creativity.

i enjoyed my craft store outing and started right away on working on my creations. i think i will be adding some new things to my etsy shop very soon. stay tuned.

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