a little bit of this and a little bit of that

it seems as if this past month was played out in fast motion. 
it was a whirlwind of events. 
we failed to really document our trip out west, besides some measly phone pictures. 
but being that it was our 4th time driving across country; we knew the scenery, had already gotten souvenir post cards from each state, and the excitement factor faded after the 2nd across country trip.
here are those measly phone pictures documenting our life this past month. 

here we are, driving across the plains of Kansas

Entering Colorado and the beautiful mountains. 

Shento enjoying a little fresh air before getting back into the cramped u-haul

we spent a couple days with Bear's Aunt and Uncle in Ridgway Co. 
we enjoyed the small town festivals for the 4th of July.
and watched the traditional fire hose fights (above). 

i was also lucky enough to celebrate my birthday 3 different time. 
thanks to everyone who made me feel very loved and special. 

and lastly, while house searching in salt lake, bear and i tried the new smash burger
the selection of buns are impressive and it was nice to be able to sit outside. 

one thing that we have really loved about being in Utah is all the outdoor
 activities, scenery, and fresh air. 
waking up to the beautiful mountains 
and crisp lake every morning 
is a refreshing change from New Jersey. 

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