a week in D.C : part one

Bear and I spent this past week in D.C hanging out with our closest friends, eating lots of good food, and exploring all that the city has to offer. 

 We arrived Friday evening and immediately headed out to dinner with Ryan and Janice to Nando's peri peri. Basically all they serve is chicken, anyway you would like it with lots of different types of sauces. It was messy but good. We then went and got ourselves some cupcakes across the street.
The rest of the evening was spent at U street listening to other people's conversations, people watching, and doing a little dancing.

We spent the next morning at Jimmy T's, a little old house on Capital Hill that had been turned into a delicious eating establishment. I loved the decor and the cozy feel of this place. They had the red rider bb gun and a similar leg lamp from the Christmas Story... and the coffee mugs were from all different locations around the U.S. Plus, the food was great!

After breakfast, we headed to the Eastern Market. Janice and I strolled along the sidewalks looking at all the different craft vendors and yummy looking food. We left Bear and Ryan in the book store (see picture directly below.. that is looking in the front window of the bookstore. This is how the whole inside looked, wall to wall books.. Bear was in in glory). Later that day, we met Jack at the Congressional Cemetery. Many congressman, senators, and representatives are buried there. It also serves as a dog park in the warmer weather, seeing dogs running about around graves is a little out of place, but all the doggies and their owners were having a good time. Jack brought his adorable 10 month old pup Remi, he stole my heart the minute I saw him. Anyways, he enjoyed the grave-site dog park and met lots of friends.

That night we enjoyed a home cooked meal by Janice. She bought some raviolis from the Eastern Market earlier that day and they were melt in your mouth good. We all hung out chatting and enjoying each other's company.We are so lucky  to have such close (and amazing) friends...we love you guys.

After our dinner at home, we went out and enjoyed the night life of Alexandria.

P.S I want to apologize for the really bad quality of all our D.C photo's. I was too lazy to cary around our nice big camera, and therefore settled for our phone or our crummy point and shoot. 

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Sarah Flinn said...

That is exactly the bookstore where the salesman caused my breakdown!...Even though it could be really cool, I don't think I'll go back. But I do need to try that breakfast place that you went to, it sounds awesome! I'm so glad we got to see you both and I can't wait to meet up again!

p.s. Thanks for being so reassuring and sharing your experiences with us too, it really does help!