Washington D.C: part two

Part two of our D.C adventure begins with the Saturday night in Alexandria, VA. I lied and said I had no pictures but I was able to steal some that Ryan took. 
I realize this picture is blurry and not completely in focus, but I love it anyways. 
It was the weekend before St. Patrick's Day and everyone was celebrating. Notice that Ryan is the only one who wore green! 

Sunday morning we went to brunch at Old Ebbitt Grill. If you are ever in D.C, I highly recommend this place. I ordered the eggs Chesapeake and it was delicious. 

After brunch we split up. Janice and I went to a small craft show and the the guys went and wondered around the city. 
After the not so impressive craft show, Janice and I walked to U street (about 7 blocks). We stopped at U street for a hot beverage and a cupcake. 
The guys wondered around the city, going to the top of the Postal Building and visiting the Kennedy Center. 

Monday, Bear and I went and saw all the monuments and walked around Tidal Basin. 
The FDR memorial. 
The new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. 

Tuesday we went to the Holocaust Museum. The museum was a wonderful living memorial for all those who suffered. One of the featured exhibits was 'The Power of Nazi Propaganda' which displayed and revealed how the nazi party used propaganda to sway millions with its new vision for Germany. Bear found this exhibit to be the most interesting. In the museum there were films, pictures, and diagrams that told the story of the Holocaust from beginning to end. At one part you walk over a bridge, you can see all the way up to the top of the building and all the way to the bottom floor. From the top to the bottom there were hanging pictures of people. To me, that part was breath taking. The raw images told such a story of suffering.

That evening we all went out for Pho at a local Vietnamese restaurant. Ryan and Bear were a little unsure about the dinner choice. But trust me, they soon changed their minds.... It was scrumptious.


 We went to the Air and Space Museum. 

and to the Hirschorn Museum (picture above), the America Art Museum, and my favorite.. the National Portrait Gallery.

We also hit up the American History Museum. This was my favorite museum out of all of them. The first picture is of Julia Childs kitchen. Also on display is all (at least most) of the First Ladies inauguration gowns on display (plus anything else that the First Lady at that time wanted to donate). Pictured above is Jackie Kennedy's dinner dress and Michelle Obama's inauguration gown with her shoes and jewelry. All the dresses were gorgeous! 

Lastly, we enjoyed the evening with some more wonderful friends, Austin, Sara, and Janice. We all met up at Good Stuff Eatery for some delicious hamburgers and the best marshmallow shake I have ever had.  

Whew.. this concludes our trip to D.C.  It meant the world to us to be able to spend so much time with all of good friends. Thank you to all of them for sacrificing their houses, beds, sleep, and time to hang out with us. Oh yeah, we thank all the doggies for behaving so well. 

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