The Fresh Start

9 days into a new year. Oh my! Time already seems to be going quickly. Our Utah trip was fabulous, like always.  We are now back in New Jersey. We arrived safely and the pup was excited to see us. However, I think we might have been a little more happy and enthusiastic to hug him and give him lots of kisses then he was. Our house was quiet and dark upon arriving, I spent yesterday cleaning and organizing everything. Now our house is spotless and shiny. Just the way I like it. I was hoping that getting things into place would make the loneliness and the missing of family go away, but I was wrong. Now I am just lonely, missing family, and have nothing to clean. It always seems to take so long to get back into reality and everyday life. But I am truly blessed that I have all the amazing memories (and pictures) from the time that we were able to spend with our families.

Now onto the New Year…
A New Year makes me feel like I have a new slate and a fresh start to things.  I always make a list at the beginning of a New Year of things that I want to continue to do, try harder at, or start doing.

Here is a glimpse at my fresh start list…
I want to plan a head, make dinners more often, and have more cuddle time with my hubby. I want to enjoy what life puts in front of us instead of making plans and getting disappointed. I want to make the most out of living here on the East Coast and work really hard at starting my photography business. And lastly, I want to eat less sweets, smile more, and love my hubby unconditionally.. Like I said, this is just a glimpse into my list. You can find the entire list stuck up on my refrigerator. Seeing it everyday makes it really hard to forget what my goals and motivations are. :) 
I have a good feeling about this year and can’t wait to see what it has in store. 

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