Date Night + Tree Down

Date nights are (use to be) a weekly thing at our house. It gives us something to look forward too. Plus, it is one of the only times that I get to sit down with the hubby and have a "real" conversation, none of the school talk, although I do think that school is important, I hear enough of it throughout the week. This weeks date night was a surprise. Hubby has been so (emphasis on so) busy that our date nights have been put to the side for a little while. However, on Wednesday night Hubby walks through the door with flowers, a box of popcorn, and a movie. I made chinese food and we cuddled on the couch. Mind you, it had been clear all day and night. We even sat outside and enjoyed the sunset. Well, the sunset was gone and the clear sky had past. The wind blew in and the rain was coming down. Lighting was illuminating the sky. It made our date night that much more romantic. Rain always seems to add a little romance to things. It stormed all night, we listened to the rain hit our roof as we fell asleep. The next morning, out our back window the tree had fallen down.

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