New York Surprise



On Friday afternoon I got a message in my email inbox from my sweet hubby. In the email it read
"You're invited to a secret, surprise, fun day with your husband all day tomorrow! Casual/comfortable/fun in the sun attire required. RSVP's must be done in person, with a kiss." Once I got home I gave Bear a huge kiss (as my RSVP) and started immediately asking questions. He gave me no information.

Saturday, I got woken up bright and early and was told that we had to be out of the house by 8a.m. When we got in the car the Bear told me that we were going into the city (New York City). This is where it starts to get funny. We got into the city and we were in a hurry. Remember it is still early (I am not very good traveler or hurrier when it is early) . Bear got lost and forgot to write the address down for where we were going. I was no help because I had not a clue what we were looking for. Again, I was also tired and walking kind of slow. This was irritating Bear. After searching we finally got to the address, or at least what Bear thought was the address. It turned out to be wrong because nothing was there. Finally.. Bear told me we were looking for a bike shop because we were renting bikes to bike around Central Park. How cute!! After much searching, an encounter with a police man, talking to a fake bike rental place (they just wanted our money)… we found it.

We spent the next 3 hours biking all around Central Park. We were able to go off the main road and onto trails that went around the reservoir and a small creek. It was beautiful. It was a great way to be able to see everything in the park. After the bike ride Bear had a place picked out for lunch. A very delicious hamburger joint. After eating lunch we enjoyed walking around the city. We went to the Museum of Modern Art and saw some of Picasso’s paintings. I felt like I was in a movie. Bear and I held hands and laughed at certain things that we found a little ‘weird’ in the museum. It was such a great day. Bear took so much time to plan everything out and to make it perfect. And it was a perfect day!!

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susan said...

Oh what fun! The pictures are beautiful. I am so glad to kind of see Central Park and streets of New York. Thanks for posting.