Childhood Books

Lately Bear and I have been reminiscing about our childhood. Last week we went on our daily walk and for roughly the entire 4 miles we talked about books that we remember reading while growing up. Mine, of course were children’s books such as the Bernstein Bears, Amelia Bedelia, and the elves and the shoemaker. Bears however were a little more intellectual. Goosebumps, The Boxcar Children, and Go Dog Go,

This brings me to this weekend. We woke up early, not that early for most of the world, but earlier than usual for us, to hit up some yard sales in our neighborhood. I have officially gotten Bear addicted to yard-saleing. We now share the excitement when we see the big bright colored sign that has an arrow pointing in the direction of the yard-sale. We start driving a little faster and get a secrete grin on our face, like we just found hidden treasures. Anyways, back to my initial story about childhood memories. One of the very last yard sales we stopped at had a lot of kid’s books. Bear and I sat on the ground going through every one of them. When we would find one that reminded us of our childhood (almost every one of them), we would pick it up, skim through it, and share it with each other. We walked away spending a whopping .30 cents on 5 books. But more importantly, when we got home we sat outside with our feet in our blow up pool reading kids stories to one another.

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