Is it 4:30 yet?

I sit here at work, obviously with nothing to do beside blog and stock blogs (shhh, don’t tell the boss). All that I am thinking about is that big white sewing machine waiting for me at home. I bought some fun fabric today and I can not wait to go home and see what I can whip up (hoping for a skirt).. I love my sewing machine. I thank my Mom everyday (in my mind) that she let me take her sewing machine away from her. I can honestly say that it has been a saving grace here in the Brooks home. Whenever I feel bored, excited, anxious, creative, sad, spontaneous, or just plan happy, I pull out that handy white box and let everything go…
Thanks Mom for letting me take that awesome machine.. I owe you big time.

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Hailey Jones said...

i need one.
a sewing machine.
and a cute skirt.