The stress of Red and Green

Why am I stressing over Christmas cards so much you ask? Maybe it is because while I was growing up we always got a stack of Christmas cards from family and friends. I new which families sent out the best cards; the best cards included either a neat designed card, a long story about the happenings of their family through out the year, or a carefully picked picture to accompany their card. Every time Christmas season would come around I would wait patiently for the cards that I liked. To this day I still get excited when we (my parents) receive cards from those “special” people.

One day more and more people will start sending Bear and I Christmas cards and I will pick my favorites and look forward to them every year. But for now, I am trying to be that person that has the really cool Christmas cards. I sure hope I succeed.

This is a preview for our christmas picture. Did not go so well.

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture! It is perfect...funny, goofy and all-natural! XOXO