Goin' down the shore

The fall is the best time to go to the beach in New Jersey. Reason one: the weather is gorgeous, birds are migrating through, and the fact that the sun never exceeds a height of 45 degrees in the sky means you get sunset-like pictures all day. Reason two (and in my opinion the most important): all the glistening, oily, hairless beach-monkeys who flock to the sun and sand all summer long have already begun their 5 month winter hibernation; a phenomenon indicative of the fact that we won't see our neighbors till late March when the two-inch crust of ice slowly begins to recede from the roads and sidewalks. We, however, will probably venture to the shoreline tundra well into the icy depths of February, seeking seashore solace, pulchritude and respite from my apparent habitual grandiloquence. ;o)

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