A lot has been going on here in Central Jersey at the Brooks residents. First, I want to congratulate my husband for finishing his first year of Grad school.
I have to brag a little bit because he is such a good student and deserves it.
A couple things that make him such a high-quality student:
He got a letter from his department the other day telling him that he is in excellent standing,
His adviser told him that he has made tremendous progress in his first year,
He has gotten an A in all of his classes,
and last but not least, he manages to read books galore, write tons of papers and still makes time to be a great husband. Bear standing in front of the Anthropology (Adams) building. We are making a tradition that every year we will take a picture on the steps of theAdams building. We will see how much he changes in his time as a Grad student.
Congrats love.. You make me very proud.

Second, we have been really been taking advantage of the warm weather. We continue to plant flowers and are growing tomatoes and blueberries. Bear really enjoys watching and taking care of the plants. I think our neighbors think he is nuts. He is that guy that goes out and sings to the plants so they will be ‘happy’ and is frequently checking up on them.

Two weeks ago we enjoyed the hot weather and went to Rutgers Day. Which consisted of food, crafts, activities for children, a petting zoo, and a folk music festival. We spent the day walking around and enjoying good food and good entertainment. Mom please don't be Jealous. We met Palin .

This past weekend after rain for a whole week we thought that we better get out and take advantage of the sunshine. We went to Sourlands Mountain Preserve but it was not our intention to go there. We had planned on going on a hike at a place that we had been in March sometime. Bear had the address and new exactly where he was headed. After about 45 minutes of driving and us both knowing that this area did not look familiar, we got to our destination, only to find out that it was the office of the trail systems around the area. Luckily they had a map of the area and we were able to get back on the road and head to the correct destination. We made it to Sourland Mountain Preserve but to our surprise, yet again, it was not what we were expecting. It was still very beautiful and a great hike. Bear enjoyed finding some unique species of birds. We still have no idea where the place that we were going to originally is or what it was called, but nonetheless we found another great area.

On Sunday we went to Rutgers Gardens. Which is many acres filled with flowers galore.

Third, Bear got a job. Yes everyone you heard correctly. Bear is working for Rutgers in the international studies department planning events. We are very blessed that he found this job because it is going to work around his crazy schedule. We were so worried that if he found a job that they would not let him leave to go to Utah for a couple weeks in the summer (he has to go to do research for school). But this job is ok with that and will even work with him through next year so he can continue to work while he is going to school.

Forth, Bear has been having trouble with his foot for the past couple of months now. Finally we went to a foot doctor who told him that his nerves are touching each other and rubbing which cause the nerves to inflame and is the reason for the pain. He has been back twice now and with each visit he has gotten a cortisone shot. It seems to be getting a little better but we will keep you up-dated. He goes in today for another checkup.

Fifth, Bear and I have really been enjoying life. We have something to admit … New Jersey, although still a very interesting state, it is growing on us.

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