Long overdue.. 
Easter is my favorite holiday. I love that easter bunnies fill the homes and eggs are decorated into beautiful pieces of art. I still love the idea of Easter Egg Hunts. There is something mysterious and fun about finding a piece of bright plastic with candy inside of it. Chocolate seems to get better this time of year. Chocolate eggs and bunnies will bring a smile to children and adults alike. Oh I just love it and this year was no different. Bear and I had a wonderful Easter, it started off with brunch at our house with our neighbor and very quickly turned to a relaxing day. We took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk and read outside. And yes, we even did a small Easter Egg hunt for each other and our dog. 

Bear gets very creative with his Easter Eggs. He got the crayons and stickers out. 
 Don't Judge: Above is Shento finding a Easter Egg with a dog treat in it. Yummy  Cherry Blossom trees are everywhere in the East and they are so beautiful and elegant looking. This is one that is right outside in our backyard. 
 Don't judge #2: The Easter Bunny brought Shento a stuffed animal dog that was dressed as a bunny. 
Thank you to my Mom who keeps the tradition alive with see's candy every Easter. But when i went to take a bite of one of the chocolates, I noticed that Bear had taken a bite out of each one. I guess he could not make up his mind on which flavor he wanted. 

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