A fun filled trip to Utah

Bear, myself, and Liz who we miss so much already!! 
Bear and Liz. This is one of my favorite pictures :) 
Susan and Bear skiing at Deer Valley 

 We really enjoyed playing charades at my parents house. Too bad Bear and I have a telepathic connection and won every-time. 
We went to the i-max 3D underwater adventure. My Dad and I looking good in our 3D glasses. 
Taking a walk near Bridal Vail falls, Provo. It was perfect weather for a walk. 

Introducing Allie. Bears parents new puppy. She is the cutest thing ever. 

Thank you all for making this trip so amazing.

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Lindsay said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun in Utah! I'm so sad we missed you, but let us know when you are in Utah again. I really would like to get together. I hope all is well, you and Bear look great! Love ya!