It feels like home

The first couple weeks were filled with searching for furniture and household essentials. While sitting in the passenger seat for umpteen hours I made a list of all the basic living necessities that we would need.  Silverware, plates, bowls, hangers, towels, and the list went on and on.  The morning after we arrived to our new home, and with a sore back, thanks to our blow-up mattress that had just a small enough hole to cause the middle of the mattress to sink to the ground during the night, I headed to Ikea.
I wondered around Ikea in circles for what seemed like hours and hours.  I had never experienced this feeling. I was over-whelmed with the amount of stuff that I needed to purchase and the ample supply of options.  So instead of making decisions on what color plates I should buy, I kept wondering. 
Somehow after many hours I was able to get enough items in my cart to justify checking out. I knew I had forgotten things on my list, but at that point I didn't care.  
As I drove home from Ikea I looked around. The highway that connects my new home and Ikea is one filled with strip malls, dunkin doughnuts and factories.  It's an ugly area of New Jersey. But as I slowly drove home hitting traffic and stop lights, I felt at home. Peaceful, and so grateful to be back in the garden state.
The following days were filled with exploring our new town and getting settled into our home. We ate at our local hamburger joint (conveniently located around the corner from our house), went fishing at Bears favorite fishing spot, found a good close  wooded area to take Shento for walks, and enjoyed exploring our local farmers market. Fresh produce is always the best.  

We arranged the silverware and put away the blue plates that I bought from Ikea. It was going to take some time to get everything we needed, but with empty rooms and only one towel, because I forget one of the most important essential items on my Ikea list,  the little empty house really felt like home.

^ Our first dinner we made at home^           ^Cucumbers from the farmers market^ 

^ Bear is getting excited about trying our local hamburger place and I painted a picture for our living room^
^Bear out fishing in the pouring rain^              ^On a walk to the farmers market^

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